Low Cost Health Insurance – How To Access It Now

Sunday, April 6th, 2008
Michael Kohler asked:

The average American by the age of 30 will soon begin to understand the necessity of having a health insurance policy. Depending upon the path that their life has taken, and the financial situation that they are in, having a health insurance policy may come very cheaply through their workplace or it may cost quite a bit if they are seeking and individual policy through a private provider. Here are a few ways that you can find low cost health insurance even if you are not affiliated with someone who will provide the health insurance for you or if you have a large family.

If you have ever been in a major accident and did not have health insurance coverage, this could be one of the largest nightmares that could ever be fall a human being in our modern age. I remember a friend of mine that was in the Army and decided to take his wife who was in labor at the time to the regular hospital opposed to the military one. Had he made a choice to take her to the veterans hospital, he would have had no out-of-pocket expenses. However, in a split second decision, he chose to spend what he thought would only be a $6,000 bill at the regular hospital, which turned out to be a $200,000 bill after all was said and done.

Due to the complications that occurred, his baby ended up staying in the hospital for over 30 days. This cost, along with being in intensive care and having a team of medical people looking after his child which was born early, this debt was accrued based upon a split second decision that could have saved him nearly a quarter of $1 million.

The point I am trying to make here is you never know what can happen in life especially when it comes to your house or the health of a family member. Therefore, make a quick decision to find a health-insurance provider that you can afford and do it now so that you will not suffer in a similar way that my friend did. Although he loves his family and his child very much, much financial heartache could have been averted if he had had a health-insurance policy that would have covered his misdirection at the time of his child’s birth.

Low cost health insurance is not that hard to find. There are a variety of companies that do all of the research for you and make it very easy so that you do not have to compare on your own all of the possible policies and premiums that you’ll have to pay each and every month. The trick is to find a provider that will fit your needs and your pocketbook at the same time and that is what these comparison companies will do for you.

Comparison companies are not the only choice you have to make. You must also consider who they are comparing and what exactly these companies reputations are in regard to providing health insurance for consumers nationwide. A quick check at their business record will show you if there are any complaints that have been filed and if so you will know not to do business with them. Most companies that are very large have an immaculate record and can be trusted in regard to fulfilling premiums that need to be paid to hospitals and his you make your monthly payments.

The problem with most health insurance companies is that the staggering cost of most procedures today forces them to charge higher and higher premiums as the years go on. Inflation does not stop and neither will the cost of medical procedures or the salaries that doctors receive for their jobs. Therefore, if you can find a low cost health insurance policy that will stay at a certain rate for a fixed period of time you will probably be lucky enough to find a way to maintain this health insurance policy with even the smallest amount of income and protect you and your family.

You must also consider the type of coverage that you get with a low cost health insurance policy. For instance, you may only be paying $30 a month for you and your family, but more than likely this policy does not cover office visits or any kind of prescription medication which over time can cost you thousands of dollars each year. Therefore, be sure to look at all of the possible policies and nature that you are making a wise choice in the ones that you choose to use as they could save you money in the long run if you pay just a little more in your monthly premium.

Low cost health insurance is a must find and our society where gas prices climb and incomes remained virtually the same each year. It is time to do your homework and go out there and find health insurance coverage that is right for you and affordable at the same time. With a little research, and the help of friends or even the Internet, you will be able to find a low cost health insurance policy in no time at all.

Submitted by Nerissa