Kinds of Health Insurance Coverage for Small Business

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Small businesses usually offer a number of various types of health insurance. Leading medical plans normally cover a complete selection of health care essentials, together with hospital care, prescription medicines and doctor visits.

To assist owners of small business decide on what type of health insurance best matches the budget of their company and the needs of their employees, the below offers information about the various types of plans.

Indemnity Plan – This type of medical plan usually has a deductible, an amount that you paid before an insurance provider starts paying the benefits. If the covered expenditures exceeded the amount that is deductible, benefits are typically compensated as a portion of actual cost, usually 80%. This plan regularly gives flexibility in terms of selecting where to obtain medical attention.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans – These main medical plans typically allow the insured person to decide on a PCP (Primary Care Physician) from a directory of network providers. A PCP is in charge of handling the health care of the insured person. If he/she requires treatment from any out-of-network provider, they need to obtain a referral from their PCP.

The person insured should obtain treatment from a network provider so as to get paid via the HMO.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan – This plan is when the insurance provider makes an agreement with chosen doctors and hospitals to provide services at discounted price. If you are a PPO member, you can seek medical care from a hospital or physician who is not from the network, but you are most likely to compensate a co-payment or larger deductible amount.

Point of Service (POS) plan – This plan is a combination of HMO and PPO, only this one is more adaptable than HMO, but does need you to choose a primary care physician. Similar to PPO, you can seek medical attention from a hospital or physician not belonging to the network, but you need to pay more of what the actual cost is. Then again, if a primary care physician recommends you, POS will compensate the cost.

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Health Reform Popular in Poll

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

There are specific polls addressing health care and health insurance done by the Kaiser Family Foundation every month. These polls offer results that are interesting, it gives an inside look at the way the American citizens are leaning in their opinion about the health industry.

This April poll was reported by Medical News Today, some of the results are: 59% say the health care reform is becoming more important now, 36% avoided regular office visits to doctors or dentists due to high costs, 26% had an individual within their home who struggled with health care bills this past year, 71% would be OK with having taxes raised on high income American to help pay for health care reform, 67% strongly or somewhat favor some type of national health insurance plan to provide competition with private plans.

This appears to indicate that the opinion of the citizens is shifting toward more intense movement on health care reform now. And many more Americans are suffering under the burden of cost increases in health care.

The political process is thrilled to see these results as it helps them in their goal for health care reform. With the majority seemingly on their side, according to the Kaiser poll, there’s a possibility for history making legislation regarding a far reaching health care reform.

However, these polls can change in the moments. The public is expressing themselves this way at this moment, but with the current economic crisis, opinions can vary depending on events. And the Democrats and Republicans have a ways to go in agreeing on how to resolve the health care dilemma.

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