New Secretary of Health and Human Services-Kathleen Sebelius

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

The confirmation of the new Secretary of Health and Human Services brings Kathleen Sebelius to the Cabinet, she’s a former Kansas Governor. The new Secretary will command the FDA, the CDC, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

She was voted in on an approval of 65 to 31, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. What has been mentioned previously as the negatives were Secretary Sebelius’s stand on abortion, it’s pro choice, and that she has an association with a physician who does abortions.

The nomination approval comes with an extra five votes as she gained a few Republican supporters. Since she made it to the Cabinet, it increases the number of strong insiders for President Obama who mean to revise the health care area this year.

The newest cabinet member, who is a Democrat, has similar views to President Obama on health care. Secretary Sebelius will produce a similar plate of ideas and plans such as prohibiting pre-existing condition exclusions, individual mandates, and public sponsored individual health insurance plans.

President Obama had some others in mind for his first choice in this post. But Sebelius will be a powerful person in dealing with the health reform issue.

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