International Student Health Insurance

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Being hospitalized without having disposable cash can be hard. Most of the time hospitals do not accept insurance identifications- they require patients to make payments upfront.

It is quite common for international students to face the above dilemma when their Health Insurance for Foreign Students plans don?t offer direct cashless settlement. It is prudent for International students to seek plans that support direct cashless settlement.

Cashless claims settlements refer to the insurance company directly paying the hospital or the medical service provider. In such situations students are not required to pay the hospital and then file a claim with the insurance company.

Through a simple phone call the emergency help at the insurance company can arrange an ambulance on a special request or instruct the hospital to ready your room and also coordinate with the surgeon. In addition, the great thing about this is that there are no additional charges when you avail of cash-less settlement of claims.

Most insurance providers work with a special network of hospitals and doctors. This network is typically referred to as the Preferred Provider Organization or PPO network. When hospitals and doctors within the PPO are used claims can settled directly with the insurance company.

Cashless settlement of claims also does not discriminate on the age of the student. The no age limit on the plans allow students and their dependents to avail of the service easily with no additional and hidden costs.

A tip for international students: make sure while choosing your Foreign Student Insurance, that it supports direct cash-less settlement. It is important for new students in the US to secure their health and finances while they pursue their academic goals.

Your International Student Advisor at the University or College can sometimes help you in selecting an appropriate plan. The University may require certain insurance waiver forms to be completed by the insurance company.

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