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Group health insurance is a policy that covers all individuals in a group. Insurance companies offer great incentives to employers who opt for group insurance policies.

Group insurance policies include: fee-for-service plans; health maintenance organizations; point of service plans; and preferred provider organizations plans. It is important to choose a group health insurance plan that provides maximum benefit to employees.

Before buying a group insurance policy you need to know your options and the associated costs.

1. Consider buying a group health insurance policy online. Insurance rates online are more competitive than offline. Check insurance directories as well as websites hosted by insurance companies themselves.

2. Get quotes from at least three providers and study the group insurance coverage offered in detail.

3. Quotes are based on number of employees and the kind of coverage you need. Determine whether you want the group health insurance to cover maternity, health, dental, hospitalization and so on.

4. Sit down with an insurance broker and plan the group insurance coverage such that you draw maximum benefits for the lowest possible premium.

5. Work out how much premium you will bear and what will be paid by the employees. Think whether you want to include additions like long term care insurance or critical illness cover.

6. Choose an insurance company that is dependable and has good financial standing.

7. Before buying coverage check about: emergency room services; out-of-pocket expenses; the grievance and appeals process; and limitations or exclusions.

8. Do background check on the insurance company and ask for a copy of the latest member-satisfaction survey from the Better Business Bureau.

Be prudent and ask for references and actually make an effort to check them out. Don’t go by the summary of benefits; study the policy in detail and understand what is covered and what is not. In case of doubt seek clarifications or make use of an insurance consultant. Often the savings are greater as a consultant will help you choose the most appropriate group health insurance policy.

Learn ways in which to reduce the group health insurance costs. Run wellness programs and opt for a health savings account. These accounts are tax saving and pay for medical expenses. Try and join a larger group this will lower the costs of group health insurance costs. So if you have fewer employees then partner with other business in your state.

Always comparison shop for a group health insurance plan; get an insurance agent to do the ground work for you. Also checking with other business owners will be beneficial as you will know what they pay for group health insurance. Learn all about group health insurance from the many insurance websites online. Be an educated business owner and choose a group insurance health plan that offers great benefits for the lowest costs.

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