Part of joining a new company includes dealing with health insurance paperwork. Since you are new, you probably do not have enough time in the day to look over and review all the health insurance literature that you received from the human resources officer. A majority of companies present their employees with at least two health insurance choices.

If the task proves daunting, ask the human resources officer or an officemate what insurance plan they have, or if they know what most people have, and then enroll quickly. You wouldn’t want to be without a health insurance. After all, you never know when a medical emergency will strike. Once you are enrolled in your company’s health plan, remember that your health insurance plan is not set in stone. You have the option to change your plans and avail of the other plans offered during health insurance open enrollment period.

What is health insurance open enrollment? Health insurance open enrollment period is a specified period of time (usually 6 weeks) during which eligible people or employees are allowed to make changes to their current health plan, including, but not limited to, adding or removing dependents if desired, increasing or decreasing coverage, checking out other health insurance options, signing up for coverage in an alternative plan, or opting out of coverage entirely. If you choose to maintain your current health plan, then no action is required. During health insurance open enrollment period, applicants are not usually required to provide evidence of insurability, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions. You and your dependents cannot be denied enrollment in the health insurance plan of your choice during this period.

If you miss the health insurance enrollment period, you need to wait for the following year to change your health insurance plan. However, most plans allow health insurance plan changes when you experience any change in your life such as birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, a dependent child over the age of eligibility, or a change in employment /employment status for you or your spouse.

Ask your company’s benefits coordinator when health insurance open enrollment is. Note it in your calendar. Give yourself enough time to compare and contrast the health insurance plans available to you. Keep an eye on your coverage. Make sure that the coverage suits your needs. If not, make a note of it, so you can increase or decrease your coverage once health insurance enrollment period rolls around. Pay attention to your officemates’ experiences with their health plans as well. By properly managing your health insurance issues, not only are you making sure that your health care is covered, you will also be saving money in the long run.

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